The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Divorce Lawyer



Divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining and difficult times in a person’s life. Adding to the stress, there are many complicated financial matters such as property and debt division and child custody issues to deal with. Hiring a top rated Divorce Attorney can help alleviate some of the burden and confusion by providing experienced legal counsel that is focused on the needs of you and your family. The divorce attorneys at Davis and Associates are prepared to guide you through this difficult time with level headed and expert guidance.

The first step in a divorce is filing a petition for divorce. This document is typically filed with the local court that handles divorce proceedings and other family law cases. Then, the petition is served to your spouse, officially notifying them of the intention to end the marriage. Your Fort Worth divorce lawyer can assist you with preparing this paperwork, as well as address any concerns about the division of assets or debts.

If your spouse agrees to all aspects of the divorce, the process can be expedited and completed in a matter of months. However, if there are disagreements about how to resolve certain issues, such as child custody or alimony, then the divorce will likely be contested. A contested divorce requires more time and resources because it will involve legal battles to resolve these issues. Your Fort Worth divorce attorney can assist you in negotiating settlements to avoid a lengthy and expensive court trial.

A final divorce decree will be issued by the court once all outstanding issues have been resolved. The court will then review and approve all relevant documents and agreements, including the division of assets and debts. Your divorce attorney can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce process and represent you during any mediation or court proceedings if necessary.

In most cases, the courts will seek an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. There are exceptions to this rule if there are extenuating circumstances that may warrant an unfair or disproportionate division of the estate. Your Fort Worth divorce lawyer can explain the rules and regulations related to this issue, as well as provide a thorough analysis of your estate and financial situation to determine what equitable distribution would look like in your case.

Spousal support is an important consideration in any divorce. While Texas law does have guidelines for the duration and amount of spousal support, it is still ultimately up to the court’s discretion. Your Fort Worth divorce attorney can assist you with negotiating a fair and reasonable spousal support agreement through mediation or settlement discussions. They can also advise you on the likelihood of securing a spousal support award based on your unique circumstances.


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